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United Way helps give people a new outlook on life. We helped give United Way a new look, online.

We brought the power and infrastructure needed to run maxlucado.com

We took a concept from the back of a napkin, to a fully blown video training website serving over 1000 churches worldwide.

Taylor’s Gift Foundation was founded in 2010 with a mission to Regift Life, Renew Health and Restore Families through increased organ donation.

Eastside Promise Neighborhood is a cradle to career opportunity, helping families succeed in education and life.

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Who We Are

We are a team of developers, information architects, UI/UX designers, and project managers who specialize in developing software, sites and apps that showcase you and deliver a performance-driven product.

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When someone visits your site, you want all related videos, audio files, and text files easily accessible on one page. Media Fusion allows visitors to look up one topic and find all your available resources—including archived material. It’s perfect for churches to incorporate all the elements of a sermon on their website.

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You have groups, and now you want people to easily find them. Groups Interactive works within your site to provide a quick, simple way for people to connect with groups—without leaving your website. It’s simple, we supply you a short code to place in your website, and you import the groups you want people to find. Presto—people find a group to join, and your groups grow.

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The Story is a dynamic way for a community and church to come together and study the Bible. Zondervan has chronologically edited the Bible to showcase God’s plan from beginning to end in an upper and lower story that will open one’s understanding of the Bible in a new way. Churches around the world are offering this Bible study, and thestory.com allows users to easily locate the church closest to them so they can join in. Churches also receive a comprehensive package and tools like webinars, blogs, and software to ensure that this is a Bible study unlike any one they’ve ever given.

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Case Studies

United Way

The Client

United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County is the largest and most respected private health and human care service organization in San Antonio. Their fundraising efforts annually raise more than $45 million which is used to fund more than 135 area programs. Through generosity, partner programs and public awareness, United Way aims to save, change and transform the lives of the people and the community of San Antonio, Texas.

The Rundown

United Way wanted – and needed – a complete website overhaul. The design and content of their site was cluttered and outdated which made it, among other things, boring and difficult to navigate.

Their site generated thousands of hits daily from outside partners, agencies, volunteers and people seeking to both provide and ask for help. They quickly needed their online presence to be transformed from “then” to “now” in a way that would both showcase the impact they had within the community and connect with everyone who visited their site. Finally, they needed all of it to be in a format that could be easily maintained and updated on their own.

The Solution

United Way’s online presence needed to have it all: looks, content and impact. More than just being a beautiful site that did justice to the organization’s work within the community, it needed to be easily accessible by any and all people who took the time to visit the page.

So we set to work. Like meeting a person for the first time, we wanted United Way’s website to leave each visitor with a great first impression. Which, in the case of a website, is made on the homepage. First, we created a giant photo banner featuring candid and emotional images of real people interacting at United Way events and initiatives. We really wanted to establish an approachable community feel that extended beyond photos, so we also created the “Community Corner,” a blog that gives people an inside look at those who directly benefit from the United Way. And just to be sure we had every aspect of a digital community covered, we added easily located icons for social media, inviting visitors to follow United Way through other online mediums as well.

We also made the site easier to navigate and more user friendly. Or, in layman’s terms, “made it easier to find stuff.” We simplified links and content, and also established an event calendar system that showcased special and important dates within the community.

Finally, we created a space for staff and outside partners. Without having to navigate to a separate business page, they are able to login and access documents and other important resources. We established everything United Way requested all within one easy-to-navigate website. And, the best part? All of the information and content is easily updated and maintained in WordPress by the United Way staff.

Max Lucado

The Client

Best-selling author, writer and minister Max Lucado’s works have appeared on every major national bestseller list including Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and The New York Times. Throughout his 25 years of writing, he has been featured in countless media outlets and national broadcasts. To date, he has sold more than 100 million books and other products that feature his writing.

His success and reputation has allowed Max Lucado to develop UpWords®, a non-profit teaching ministry. Along with materials available online, his inspirational one-minute messages can be heard in over fourteen hundred radio markets around the world.

The Rundown

The increasing number of visitors to MaxLucado.com caused multiple server outages on a regular basis. When the site crashed for nearly a week, Max realized he needed to seek outside strategy and support.

Eventually, Max and his publisher, Thomas Nelson, decided they also needed to make MaxLucado.com and UpWords® mobile. In order to do this, they needed help developing the proper applications for iPhone, iPad and Android to successfully make the leap.

The Solution

The most pressing issue was the crashing website. In order to resolve the problem, we utilized his existing relationship with Rackspace – an IT hosting company – to quickly convert the site to a scalable cloud server. The flexibility of the new server prevented further crashing by allowing the site to be re-sized quickly during high traffic times, such as Easter and Christmas.

After we successfully resolved the crashing issues on his site Max’s publisher, Thomas Nelson, came to us and asked for help developing his mobile app. The parameters and content of the app were discussed at length to ensure we achieved the right requirements and design.

The original broad scope of the app was broken down into simple manageable categories. The Max Lucado app allows users to easily access everything from his Daily Devotional, to books available through Thomas Nelson. Users are also given easy access to connect with Max through all forms of social media. It is an easy and mobile way for his followers to access anything that is available online in one handy application.

Right Now Training & Media

The Client

Bluefish TV is a non-denominational ministry known worldwide for its cutting edge curriculum. Using video-based Bible studies and video illustrations, church leaders and volunteers have been able to more effectively teach in large and small group settings. Their success and growth has allowed them to launch RightNow, a sister program set to redefine what it means to be a missionary. Through videos, leadership events and online tools, they empower volunteers to bring Christ into their everyday lives to benefit others.

The Rundown

RightNow’s internal staff was able to create a fully-functioning online application on their own, but realized they needed outside help to achieve the magnitude of what they set out to accomplish.

Since RightNow is an online based program accessed from all over the world, their site needed to be seamless. They needed to develop an infrastructure that allowed ease of navigation for site users. Because of the fluctuating number of visitors RightNow could expect on any given day, they also needed it to have scalability and self-provisioning that could accommodate the varying traffic levels. Finally, they wanted to ensure that the site – along with its integrated videos – were able to be instantly accessed and streamed from any internet enabled device.

The Solution

RightNow had very specific parameters and objectives that they wished to accomplish with launch of their new application. We worked side-by-side with the RightNow team to come up with the best solution. Through an in-depth discovery process and multiple brainstorming sessions, we were able to develop an application that achieved all of their goals.

We created a training system that allowed RightNow to effectively and efficiently train their small group volunteers utilizing the tools easily available on their website. One month after the application was launched, over 1,000 ministries were already successfully using the program. The launch was so successful, RightNow came back requesting one more addition to the site; they wanted small group leaders to be able to stream HD training videos from Bluefish’s library directly to their computer, television and mobile device.

Both the Bluefish and RightNow organizations are based on the ability to stream videos from their extensive training library. So we took a cue from Netflix and constructed an environment that easily allowed users to search for, stream and add videos to their queue. This gave users easy access to hundreds of professional quality training tools all on demand, making it easier for Bluefish and RightNow to train, educate and reach out to others through their websites.

Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Taylor’s Gift Foundation was founded in 2010 with a mission to Regift Life, Renew Health and Restore Families.  Increasing official organ donor registries is just the beginning of their purpose. We work to change the conversation about organ donation to be a positive one about life. We also provide Taylor’s Gift Scholarships to graduating seniors, are sponsoring the Donate Life float for the 2013 Rose Bowl Parade and are launching Taylor’s Gift Legacy Gifts to help those touched by organ donation with financial difficulties.

The Rundown

Taylor’s Gift founder, Todd Storch, contacted UpperRoom Technologies in the fall of 2010 to discuss web solutions for their brand new foundation.  They were already generating a large media following based on their exposure on Good Morning America and the large community support in Coppell, Texas.  They needed a new website to effectively communicate their message of hope as well as an easily managed solution that would be easy to update.

The Solution

UpperRoom got straight to work designing and coding a custom wordpress solution with responsive design.  Our focus on function of the site and a simple CMS back end combined with beautiful design made it a site that is still meeting their needs 3 years later.

“Due to the functionality of the website, we have launched an international campaign (Paint it Forward) with integration to our webstore as well as promoted a critically acclaimed book with international release which promotes our foundation,” says Todd Storch, founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation.  “I have really enjoyed working with the entire UpperRoom Team.  From vision, needs analysis, scope of work, wireframing, development and project management to the final launch- the team made sure we launched with a product to help our foundation.”

UpperRoom continues to support Taylor’s Gift with their web support needs.  However, the easy to manage CMS does not require our involvement very often.  Todd’s team at Taylor’s Gift is able to upload new content easily and on their own.

Eastside Promise Neighborhood – United Way

The Eastside Promise Neighborhood (EPN) is home to 17,955 people readily striving in the face of serious socio-economic conditions. It is an area rich in San Antonio’s history with more than 50 churches, many of them serving African-American populations, 296 private businesses, several social service organizations and six schools.

Traditionally known as the heart of the African-American community and in the ‘50s as an area of segregated housing, schools and businesses, San Antonio’s EPN is still home to a heavy concentration of the city’s African-Americans. The area is now majority Hispanic with population numbers reaching 67.5 percent, according to 2009 U.S. Census data

The Rundown

When EPN learned that it had been awarded a federal five-year implementation grant, they knew that they needed to improve their communication online.  With 10 community promises as the cornerstone to their mission, they needed to communicate their goals, strategies and progress with several audiences.

The Solution

UpperRoom had built the wordpress site for the United Way of San Antonio a few years earlier.  Due to the relationship between EPN and United Way, we were able to leverage some of the work done for United Way.  We added a new look and feel and some new functional menu options.  We discovered that a majority of the EPN community were accessing the web through mobile devices which made responsive design a key functionality in this project.

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